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Esrom Cheese

Esrom is a semi-firm cheese made from partially skim raw cow's milk. Starter and Rennet are added to the milk, then the curd is cut, stirred, drained and warmed. The cheese is place into moulds and lightly pressed. The surface is then salted and rubbed with a bacteria, then aged for 10 to 12 weeks. The cheese's rind is washed during aging.

The rind ends up thin, hard and orange, feeling almost greasy. Inside, the cheese is light-yellow and semi-firm; its texture is pliable, making it easy to slice. There are small holes throughout the cheese inside.

The cheese has a strong odour, but the taste is actually mild.

The cheese is available in different fat contents, ranging from 22.5% to 60% and in different flavours such as garlic and pepper.

Well wrapped and kept in a cool place, Esrom will keep for a couple of weeks.

Try it melted on a slice of bread with a touch of olive oil and black pepper. Delicious!

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