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Created in the region of Naples, Provolone is one of the most famous pasta filatas. Unequaled with the aperitif, it acquires character with time and develops a very pleasant robustness.

Category: firm cheese (pressed and cooked cheese, pasta filata, interior-ripened).

Appearance and texture: sold in huge pear shapes or in balls (Provolette) or like sausages; very thin crust of a cream to light yellow colour, often covered with wax; white to cream or straw body colour; firm and fibrous texture.

Aroma: slightly fermented milk aroma.

Taste: slightly fermented milk taste, ranging from mild to medium to sharp.

Attributes: it melts and browns at high temperatures.

Varieties: mild; medium; sharp; smoked.

How to enjoy it?: Provolone literally steals the show with cocktails. With an antipasto, it is also delicious with pickles, olives, deli meats and some wedges of melon. With time, Provolone acquires strength and becomes an excellent cheese to grate on pizza, pasta and soups.In a tasting, you will appreciate its unique qualities by enjoying it with a good red wine.

Storage: About 2 weeks if it’s mild; from 3 to 4 weeks if it’s sharp.

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